Wyoming is known for a lot of things...

Our independence, our gorgeous scenery, the wind, and of course the spirit of the American Cowboy that is part of everything we do.

You've likely never thought of Wyoming as being home to some amazing creative minds, specifically inventors.

But, we are.

Perhaps it's the fact that it can be hundreds of miles between neighbors, towns, and stores.

Nothing creates ingenuity like a February in Wyoming, am I right?

The list below shows just a few of the fascinating inventions that have come from Wyoming.

7 Things That Were Invented In Wyoming

Maybe it's the long winters, perhaps it's the fact that in Wyoming the closest store can be more than 100 miles away...but Wyomingites sure can be creative. Take a look at 7 things that were invented in Wyoming.

Had you heard of any of these?

I know that some of you were likely intrigued by the Pederson Device. I know I personally spent a lot of time reading about it, but with my lack of firearm knowledge, I still wasn't clear on how it worked.

I came across this video on YouTube that may fill in some of the gaps for you.

If the information about the Julian Gallows had you wondering about Tom Horn, here is a video that shares his story.

If you're wondering what was so inhumane about his death, it took 31 seconds for the water bucket contraption to open the trap, and the height of Tom Horn's fall was not enough to break his neck for a quick death.

It is said that it took 17 minutes for his pulse to finally stop beating, and the doctor to declare him dead.

It's fascinating to me that the Julian Gallows were used in Wyoming until the 1960s after such a public debacle.

10 Of The Most Famous Wyomingites In History

We asked our listeners to tell us who they thought was the most famous Wyomingite in History, here are the top 10 picks. NOTE: To be a Wyomingite you do NOT have to be born here, but you DO have to have lived here for at least a year.

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