It seems, yet again, there are a bunch of haters out there, bashing the Cowboy State. I know some will say "good", we don't want them coming here anyways. While that may be true, we also don't want our tourist money going away. So, we need to hush the haters on that front, at least.

A real estate company named Clever recently published a study on the most and least desirable places in the country to live. The survey included 1,000 Americans and if you're wondering where Wyoming placed on this, we tied New Jersey as the 10th least desirable place to live in the US.

Jersey? I mean, come on! We don't even sound nearly as obnoxious as they do, and we tied them? Can we at least be number 9 or just off the list at number 11, so we're not in the same breath as them?

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They do a good job of making sense to why we ranked where we did, at least, it seems apparent. It's because of haters.

Every state has its haters, but Americans tend to dislike states that are geographically, socially, and politically different from their own.

If you don't understand how we live our lives out here, of course, you're going to be a hater. That's fine, we'll still laugh at you when you come in for Cheyenne Frontier Days with your fake cowboy gear.

What do you think? Are we undesirable as a state? Are you ok with us landing there so more people don't move here? Let us know on the app.

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