The famous Casa Bonita restaurant is in hot water after its managers allegedly refused to hire a cliff diver due to his age.

According to the Loveland Reporter-Herald, 76-year-old Samuel Hernandez, a former professional cliff diver, applied to the restaurant last year, only to be told that he was too old to perform there.

Now, Hernandez has filed a lawsuit a discrimination lawsuit against the establishment, citing ageism.

Hernandez claims that he was not even allowed to audition due to his age, alleging that manager Rob Hall told him: "You are too old, and I can't understand why you want to be employed by Casa Bonita."

The Denver Post reports that while anyone is allowed to audition, high school and college students usually get the cliff diving gigs.

But Hernandez feels that he could handle the restaurant's required dives, given that he set world records in the 1970s for diving over 150 feet.

However, the restaurant's current employees were having difficulty earlier this year, when their paycheck reportedly began bouncing amidst the COVID-19 shutdowns.

It is unclear as to how the Hernandez lawsuit will proceed at this time.

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