After weeks of rumblings and speculation after South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone announced interest in purchasing Casa Bonita, an agreement has officially been reached.

The South Park creators have bought Casa Bonita!

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In a sit-down interview with Colorado Governor Jared Polis on Friday morning, Parker and Stone announced the breaking news with every level of joy and excitement possible.

About an hour before the interview with Governor Polis, Stone said they had reached an agreement with the owners of Casa Bonita and bought the establishment. Of course, this is all pending bankruptcy proceedings, so this will take a few more months to be finalized.

Parker and Stone reflected with Governor Polis on what makes them so excited to buy Casa Bonita, as well as the improvements they're excited to make. A big one on the list: the food.

Parker recounted a story of when he took his daughter to Casa Bonita when she was four years old, and even she turned her nose up at the food. However, the South Park creators did promise that the cliff diving gorillas were there to stay.


Both the show's creators had their eye on the purchase opportunity for quite some time, even though it felt rushed to the public. Parker joked that one big selling point was that he was once told that, in order to be allowed to jump off the cliff into the pool, he'd have to own the place. Challenge accepted.

The Colorado landmark, known for "survive the food, stay for the experience", is a Coloradan's right of passage. After filing for bankruptcy earlier this year, Casa Bonita and the South Park creators had been looking for their break. They just found it.

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