To celebrate National Hamburger Day, which is observed every year on May 28th, here's a tribute to the biggest burgers in the Cowboy State.

The television show Man vs. Food has inspired some insane challenges, including a crazy culinarily contest in Laramie with the biggest burger in Wyoming. Born In A Barn is one of downtown Laramie's most popular restaurants. Along with beer and wings, the brewpub is known for their Born Burger Challenge. The competition has now grown to 14 half-pound patties with cheese and bacon, another full pound of french fries and a 32 oz. soda. Contestants have one hour to finish the humongous hamburger.

Dave Kanada is one of several people to defeat the Born Burger. He did it in 35 minutes.

Photo courtesy of Kerne Moede
Photo courtesy of Kerne Moede

Another Wyoming restaurant,  JC's Burgers and Fries in Casper is famous for their "Ring of Fire Challenge", which features 16 hamburger patties smothered in green chili and jalapenos. The "Big Daddy Challenge" at The Paintrock Inn in Hyattville is also one of Wyoming's beefiest battles. Diners are given one hour to devour a 4.5-lb. burger.

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