Most of the time all we hear about Grizzly bears is that they're mean and ferocious. That statement is true, but most of the time they get a little cranky because they're protecting their babies.

Doesn't seem too far off from how human mothers are when it comes to their kids. Can you imagine the stories mama bear would be able to share if you would invite her to a 'moms club' meeting?

I'm sure her stories would be along the same lines as yours. Never listening to mama...

Little Felix wouldn't leave the skunk alone, I told him time and time again that it wasn't going to turn out well. Sure enough, he's sleeping on the other side of the hill tonight.

Constantly eating

My little Gino is eating me out of den and home. Every time I get a fresh supply of berries, bark and a rack of bison ribs, they're gone in no time. He's just going through a growth spurt, he's such a good boy.

You know you've had those same types of conversations.

At the end of the day, they're still your little baby and you want what's best for them. Getting to spend time with them and help them navigate life, is what you enjoy doing. Although you like to get as many snuggles with your kids as possible and that goes the same for Mama Grizzlies.

You know you dread the day when those snuggles go away, so you get as many as you can, whenever you can.

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