Some people can’t physically get into the Wyoming Bill Allard spends so much time in. Many could walk his path and miss what is obvious to his attentive eye. Bill’s photography chronicles the beauty of Wyoming and with his permission, I share it with you.

For Wyomingites, it’s a reminder of some of what we love about our state. To anyone seeing this post from points around the world, it is a show of the magnificence and beauty that we greatly appreciate.

William Allard Wildlife photographs speak for themselves. But I love that he shares his knowledge and stories too. Like for the Nesting Nortjern Flickers in this short gallery.

“A couple years back I was walking my dog one morning when I passed a tree where Northern Flickers nest on occasion. Looking up to their home, I thought I better go home and get my camera and come back and take a few photos before these guys fledge. So that is what I did. The next day I decided I better do it again, cause I had such a great shoot. When I went back one day later, they had fledged and were all gone. I posted this one larger than I normally do so you can see the beauty of these wonderful birds. They are just one of God's blessings for us to enjoy. The males of this species have the red cheek patch and his sister above him does not.”

Enjoy a few of his works here or all of his works at his Facebook page, Bill Allard.

What took maybe 1/250th of a second to capture through a lens, is hours on that day, in any weather, years in honing his skills. Thanks for sharing your craft and knowledge with us, Bill. And please don’t hate me for sharing the Northern Flicker in broken light that you may think is flawed, but I love it. I can;t wait to share some of your other photographs with Wyoming and the world.


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