If you're a younger sibling or someone who had another person they really looked up to, you can totally relate to this little horse. It's not that unusual to see horses training around Cheyenne or Wyoming in that matter. A video popped up on TikTok of a small baby horse trying to run some obstacles with a full-grown horse. If you remember the memes from Baby Yoda from a couple of years ago, this baby horse is totally, trying real hard.

I mean, sure, the said horse is pretty young and you wouldn't expect them to have all the motor skills working like a full-grown adult, but the attempt and somewhat success had to be the biggest win for the little guy or gal's life so far.

Check it out.

Now, you can use this in real life. If you can't quite hit your goals that the person you admire can, just try real hard. And possibly wait for them to mess up and set the bar so low, you can walk over it. That's kind of my own motto in life.

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I love watching stuff like this. Not only is it really cute, but it's also just fun to watch. That small horse is going to grow up and totally hit those obstacles like a pro. It's kind of like shooting basketball in the backyard with an older sibling and then hitting a shot when they slipped. It's a great feeling. You love to see it. Keep it up, little fella!


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