As we inch closer and closer to the festivities and fun of Cheyenne Frontier Days, taking a look at Airbnb, it's getting really tight if someone is looking for a stay during the 10-day festival. But, there are still some places where people looking for a spot could stay. It'll just cost you. The prices have gone down...a little over the past few months.

Price ranges are still pretty steep, though. They're ranging from $113 to $1,000 per night. But if someone is looking for an RV spot, there is one available for $45. If they're looking to bypass Airbnb, hotels are much more expensive in the starting range, with the average price being in the $400 range.

While these are pretty high numbers, I have to hand it to those setting up these Airbnbs for Cheyenne Frontier Days. This is a great time and opportunity to make some extra cash. Just like a lot of businesses around town, the rodeo brings in a LOT of cash. So, if it's out there, go for that bag of money.

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I will say that some of these Airbnbs are absolutely gorgeous, you can see a couple of different ones below and take a virtual tour. I love the upkeep and the design of these homes. The accessibility to CFD is really good, as well.

So, whether you're booking an Airbnb, staying with your aunt, or walking from your house, we have a lot to look forward to in the incoming weeks with the kick-off of the Daddy Of Em' All.

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