Bryan Grzegorczyk, affectionately known in Cheyenne as "Alf," has become a community ambassador of sorts over the years.

If you don't know Alf from his ownership of popular watering hole Alf's Pub, then you probably know him from his leadership in the Thankful Thursday charity event. He has helped inspire the program that has donated over $1 million dollars to Cheyenne charities.

Alf is a genuine, kind, fun, good person. He's also a charismatic dresser. Here are our picks for his all-time best outfits.

Honorable Mention: The "Alf-Fro"

Number 10: Fat Tuesday Alf

Number 9: Million Dollar Alf

Number 8: Golf Attire Alf

Number 7: Christmas Party Alf

Number 6: Bunny Alf

Number 5: Halloween Alf

Number 4: Alzheimer's Awareness Alf

Number 3: New Year's Eve Alf 

Number 2: St. Patrick's Day Alf 

Number 1: Bikini Alf (While this isn't our favorite to look at necessarily, it shows what this guy will do for charity.)