We've seen rockers put their stamp on a variety of beers, wines and alcohol in recent years, but Alice Cooper is going another direction, teaming up with Danzelsen Dairy for his own branded chocolate milk.

The Arizona-based dairy will release their special edition Alice Cooper chocolate milk at retail grocers and make it available for home delivery across Arizona this fall. In addition, Cooper's Solid Rock Foundation revealed that they were working on an empty bottle promotion that could be ordered online.

Ideas Collide posted footage (seen below) of Cooper in front of a green screen, appearing to be shooting a commercial spot to promote the new chocolate milk. Proceeds from the sales of the milk will go to benefit Cooper's Solid Rock Foundation, which supports youth programs in local communities.

Cooper and his wife Sheryl founded Solid Rock in 1995, with the organization currently operating a Rock Teen Center facility in Phoenix that provides free instruction in music, dance, art, film and photography.

"We believe a renewed sense of self-worth and purpose provides a meaningful foundation for the youth in local communities. Many teens today face a future without a solid foundation from broken promises and burdened hearts. At Solid Rock our goal is to provide a landing place for teens. This local sanctuary is provided to support an exciting and creative journey for teens. Join us in building a Solid Rock for the next generation," states a message on the Solid Rock Foundation website. Learn more and find out how to donate here.

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