Are UFOs visiting Yellowstone National Park? According to one Wyoming-based TikTokker, yes.

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February 2023 was a month of unidentified flying objects and mysterious balloons in U.S. airspace. On January 28, the Chinese Spy Balloon entered the U.S. and drifted over Montana and Wyoming from January 31-1st. News of another UFO flying over Alaska arrived on February 10.


The military shot down another UFO over Lake Huron on Saturday, February 11. At the time, General Glen VanHerck, Commander of U.S. Northern Command and North American Aerospace Defense Comand (more commonly known as NORAD,) told Times he wasn't ruling "anything" out, including aliens. "I'll let the intel community and the counterintelligence community figure that out," said VanHerck when asked if the object could be extraterrestrial.

And, based on TikTok user @fancy.champagne, another UFO visited Yellowstone around the same time as the other UFOs. Check out the video details below.

UFOs Visit Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Fancy. Champagne's video (posted on Saturday, February 8) shows a serene, empty night sky above her home near Yellowstone. The only light comes from the home's windows. It's the kind of night you expect to be perfectly quiet - except it's not.

Fancy's first video captures an eerie, deep sound echoing through the trees. It sounds like a combination of WWII plane propellers and heavy bass music. But rumor has it aliens are involved...either that or the military. In her second video (further below in the article), you can see red lights, and the sound changes a bit.

Are Aliens Visiting Yellowstone?

Comments on the video cite military flight practices, but I couldn't find an announcement regarding drills in the area on Maelstrom, F.E. Warren, or the National Guard pages for the states. NORAD was conducting flights over Phoenix Airspace for the Superbowl, but that's a long way from Yellowstone.

Some comments indicated that the sound must be from a Chinook helicopter - with a sound variation caused by snow and the mountains. But, if you listen to the second clip of Fancy's audio below, it doesn't really sound like a Chinook.

However, it does sound more like a plane in the second picture (see below). The blinking lights also scream "planes" to me. But the sound from the first video definitely has a "Encounters of the Third Kind" vibe.

So, was it the U.S. military...or something else? It can't be a coincidence that the sound appeared only a few days before the UFO over Alaska on February 10...can it? Or that on February 11, a radar anomaly forced Montana's airspace to close temporarily...can it? It's probably just a plane... or is it?

What do you think? Are UFOs visiting Yellowstone these days? Drop your vote below:

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