Don't worry, there's science to back this up.

Will you do something for me? I want to try something. Will you smile while you're reading this? It sounds so silly, and maybe my request has already put a smile on your face, but try to keep that smile on your face throughout this not-so-long article. Deal?

Ready... smile!

That smile on your face right now is the key to you being happier. We've seen studies like this in the past, but recently a new one came out once again confirming this theory. Yep, research in a pandemic says we can be happier simply by smiling. Researchers at the University of South Australia say that the act of smiling is enough to convince your brain that you're happy.

Still smiling?

This was published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology and even went so far as to say that facial expressions can also influence our body expressions. Basically this means you will sit up straighter or stand a little taller. This is because smiling stimulates the amygdala which is the emotional state of the brain. The amygdala releases neurotransmitters that encourage positive emotions.

Keep holding that smile.

This then causes us to see things in a more positive way and ultimately will effect our feelings and even our actions. Think about how powerful this can be in the midst of this pandemic. Heck, this could seriously help you in your next business meeting or your first date with that cutie you matched with.

Now, here's the real payoff. If you've been smiling the entire time you've been reading this, are you feeling happier? Chances are you have a new pep in your step so thanks for playing along.

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