American Idol is full steam ahead for season four.

Pandemic... Shmandemic... American Idol is soldiering on when it comes to their upcoming season, which will be the fourth installment in the new ABC era. You may recall that the reality singing competition show had to pivot during season three due to COVID-19 concerns. The show moved to a remote setup almost flawlessly and even pulled off a finale in the midst of this pandemic.

Needless to say, they can totally pull off a full season remotely.

Which is what they're planning on as they've begun the live virtual audition process. Idol hopefuls are able to audition for the show from the comfort of their own home. Although the show isn't sharing too many details on how this is happening, they are using Zoom to pull it off. Contestants must reserve their spots ahead of time online.

If any contestant can't make the live virtual auditions, they can submit a video here.

The auditions began on August 10 and are still being held on specific days in different states, just like the live in-person auditions that we are used to. Wyoming virtual auditions will be held on Tuesday, September 1. We've been clumped together with Montana, Nevada and Colorado. There is also an "Open Call Auditions" day that is set for Tuesday, August 25.

Remember you must be between the ages of 15 and 28 to audition for American Idol.

I highly recommend you audition! If you love singing and have ever thought "what if", you should go for it. Don't let anything hold you back. Go have an adventure!

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