Imagine you and your family are out enjoying a nice day of fishing in our beautiful state. It is a gorgeous day and the fish are biting. You are catching enough fish, that you decide you might take some home for dinner. THEN, a group of animal rights activists show up, and "RESCUE" your fish from becoming dinner. What would you do?

I remember a representative from PETA calling me on the air a few years ago. They wanted to spread the word about their campaign to change the names of different schools in our country that have the word "fish" in their name. They said places like Spearfish, SD and Whitefish, MT should change their school names to "Sea Kitten HS." Why? Because, PETA sees fishing as torture for fish and they believe that fish have feelings and families. They wanted to change the name to "sea kitten," so that people would see fish as a more cuddly creature and not just food. As an avid outdoorsmen, I wasn't having any part of this conversation, as I could not stop laughing. But, there are people out there that REALLY believe it to be true.

Take the following video for example. A family in Florida was fishing at a park. When along comes a group of activist. The activist released the fish the family was going to take home for dinner, and then busted out into protest chanting.

How would you handle this situation?

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