Just as the bison was named as our National Mammal, I came across these YouTube videos of the 'Guy On A Buffalo' and I can't stop watching them.

The song that narrates the grainy footage of a 'Guy On A Buffalo' makes it funny. It was posted to YouTube a few years ago by The Possum Posse. They came up with some classic lines like 'Break yo gun on a stump' and 'Step on your foot, ouch, don't wake up' and the catchy chorus 'Guy On A Buffalo.' It's still stuck in my head.

I found myself watching all four videos and was mesmerized. How can a guy ride a buffalo? Is it really a bison? How did he not get killed? Why did this not become a TV series?

The legend goes that this footage is from a bad movie called 'Buffalo Rider' and The Possum Posse added their song to it. It was shown at the Alamo Drafthouse as a warmup to their feature film and has developed a cult following.

Also according to many of the comments, these videos were shown in classes at school, possibly by the teacher who was the actor in the film. Anyone know anything about the cast of the 'Guy On A Buffalo'? (Found out on IMDb that the actor was Rick Guinn who also did the stunts and animal handling) He reminds me of the late comedian Mitch Hedberg.

Beware! These videos can be highly addictive, watch at your own risk.