Do you have a favorite carnival ride at Cheyenne Frontier Days?

As the festivities wind down for 2015, there's still time to fit in a couple rides on the carnival midway at Frontier Park. Here's what several of the rides feel like from our victims...or volunteer's points of view.

The Sky Master takes over where The Hammer left off. If you like a ride that takes you all the way upside down, this is the one for you.

The Spider has always been one of our favorites, it's a thrill ride with curvy edges that spin just enough to give your stomach a turn.

Have you ever considered hang gliding? The Cliff Hanger ride might be just the test you need to see if you're brave enough to jump off of a real ocean-side cliff.

The Round-Up is an annual favorite, it's a spinning ride that educates you how powerful gravity can be.

A similar ride to The Round-up, only indoors with an alien theme is the Alien Abduction. It mostly just makes me dizzy. Lots of people like to conduct their own experiments with the forces of gravity.

One of the scariest rides on the Carnival Americana midway would have to be the Super Shot, taking you high into the air and the dropping you unexpectedly fast.

Take a look at some of the rides at Frontier Park from our volunteer's points-of-view and let us know which one you want to ride?

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