Carnival Fun At This Year’s CFD
Fun for young and old can be had for all on the Midway at this year's Cheyenne Frontier Days.
The traditional carnival games are here like throwing the basketball into the hoop, popping balloons with darts and trying to get balls into a basket. If you're like me and spend $30 trying to win…
New CFD Rides
If you have been waiting until this weekend to go to the carnival we have a spoiler for you. This year at Cheyenne Frontier Days, there are two new rides for adults and three new rides for the kiddos.
Take a Ride at CFD
Do you have a favorite ride at the carnival?
Each year during the 'Last Full Week of July' the carnival comes to town as part of Cheyenne Frontier Days and has become a big part of the tradition for many.
Laramie County 4H Club Benefit
Here’s family fun that will help our youth grow into fine adults. That comes from caring, nurturing and learning about living. 4-H has a history of being a positive community helping to develop fine children and eventually, great adults. Let’s support this excellent o…
Welcome to the CFD Carnival
That one. The one with the big tongue, beady eyes, and look of despair. If I don't come home with this overstuffed dog from the ring toss game, my life might, in fact, be over.
$30 and one winning ring later, I take the dog home from the carnival grounds. Victory is mine.
POV Carnival Rides At Cheyenne Frontier Days [VIDEOS]
Cheyenne Frontier Days has something for everyone. There is the rodeo, the food, the concerts, and of course.. the carnival rides. I strapped a camera to my head and checked out a couple carnival rides. In case you missed the rides or just want a reminder of the thrill, check out what these rides…