That one. The one with the big tongue, beady eyes, and look of despair. If I don't come home with this overstuffed dog from the ring toss game, my life might, in fact, be over.

$30 and one winning ring later, I take the dog home from the carnival grounds. Victory is mine.

Sound familiar? Carnivals are the one place where you can get overpriced stuffed animals that you are forced to drag around uncomfortably the entire evening as well as $6 corn dogs and $4 Sprite. We won't even get into the vendors selling signs, cowboy hats, boots, trinkets, and more.

It's a party for your pocketbook, and a ton of fun for you to boot.

Cheyenne Frontier Days' carnival is a blast---the grounds are filled with youngsters spending their allowance, screams of unsuspecting riders, and the smells of grease and popcorn butter.

It's an evening treat for anyone who attends. And we hope you enjoy the carnival---if you haven't been, check out the gallery below to get a feel of what you can expect this year.

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