Cheyenne Frontier Days has something for everyone.  There is the rodeo, the food, the concerts, and of course.. the carnival rides.  I strapped a camera to my head and checked out a couple carnival rides.  In case you missed the rides or just want a reminder of the thrill, check out what these rides look like from a point of view perspective.

My job can be tough sometimes.  I had to go have fun on carnival rides with a camera strapped to my head.  I know what you are thinking.  What a rough life he must have.  All joking aside, I think the camera added to the fun.  Plus I looked super cool wearing it.

The first ride was the one that lifts you up high and drops you super fast.  It was a thrill and a half.  It took about 60 seconds to get to the top, and only two seconds to get back to the bottom.  If you look closely, you can see the people in line laughing at the terrified look on my face when I landed.  Guess the camera didn't add any tough points.

The second ride was a superman type ride.  I had to lay down and it lifted me up and gave me wings.  Unfortunately it started to rain, which you will see in the video.  I got pretty wet, but managed to make it off the ride before the clouds opened up and poured all over the Cheyenne Frontier Days crowd.  That aside, it was a good opportunity to test out the water proof case for the camera.  Success!

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