Millennials threaten industries, according to Some ask, however, is it fair to blame Wyoming's aged 20-35 for killing business, or are businesses killing themselves?

Wyoming is one of the best states for Millennials. Of course, Wyoming is also a favorite place to retire. Face it, we're just a favorite period. It’s good to know, though, we are not the only tight wads.

But millennials are getting blamed for crushing Hollywood's Box Office. In an article about how millennials hurt movie box office, The New York Post didn’t ask if millennials feel films now just suck.

Forbes asked, “Will Millennials Kill Home Depot?” Sure, there's too much student loan debt to get a home loan. Perhaps the wallet is just a little too tight to buy a home and all the accessories that come with it. “They've seen the housing bubble, the dot-coms, and the 'Great Recession.'” says younger people don't need a car to go places we once did. Things are a click away. It will likely even get more convenient to stay at home. Denver McDonald's deliver via UberEATS. See also Uber.

Businessinsider calls the young generation "'Psychologically scarred' (financially), which is killing industries - and it's their parents' fault!" Whoah, so they blame both?

We could start to sense some just don't get millennials.

Let's just say it's a different time, and whole different tech world. They see hopelessness, but millennials swim in this world pretty well. Some baby boomers also look more comfortable in it all the time - in the time they have left - to not be like millennials who are "killing golf." Seriously?

Okay, a Facebook friend of mine broke down all this blame on the young.  I'm not a millennial, but besides my computer and TV, I don't have furnishings in my house that are new, myself. My home cost less than most new cars now. Blame millennials, but the demise of many businesses is rooted in the fact that they've misjudged the market - whatever our age.