All over the state, there have been numerous sightings of Bigfoot and other creatures. Some people believe we share this land with little people and even a Loch Ness-type monster. The state is full of creatures that go bump in the night. In the dark, our mind searches for answers to the unexplained. Sometimes the thoughts keep us up tossing and turning in bed.

There is a name for the study of "hidden" animals that are often thought to be myth or just fiction. It is called cryptozoology. The chupacabra, the New Jersey Devil, and Bigfoot are all cryptids. According to this pseudoscience, these are some of the monsters in the Cowboy State.

There are myths like the San Pedro Mummy to sirens at Lake Yellowstone. We have sightings of huge prehistoric like birds, lizard people, bigfoot, and even werewolves. Wyoming is full of wide open spaces. There is plenty of space for those cryptids to hide in plane site. Or do all of these sightings have a scientific or rational explanation?

We made a map listing the different cryptid sightings we could find in Cowboy State. The areas on the map are not the exact locations, but rather the general area where the sighting happened.

This is for entertainment purposes only. If you go out looking for monsters, you are more likely to be shot by a landowner, break your skull open falling on a rock, get a wedgie from a bear, or get hypothermia and die.

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