If you are a parent of a student in Wyoming, there is a good chance that your child's principal could be breaking the law.

According to a recent legal brief published earlier this year by WyLiberty.org, there is a little-known Wyoming state law that requires school administrators to conduct a fire drill at least once each month.

Failure to conduct monthly fire drills could make principals subject to a sentence of three to six months in county jail.

Not only are some Wyoming administrators breaking the law, many of them should, legally, be in jail.

University of Wyoming College of Law graduate Casandra Craven, who currently works for the Washakie County Attorney's Office in Worland, cited the law in her recent essay "Criminal Law in Wyoming: An Overview and Analysis of Possible Reforms".

Craven argued that the fire drill law, along with several other rarely enforced statutes, should be stricken from the Wyoming criminal codes.


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