A Redditor dropped an interesting post that I have not vetted or investigated. I have never purchased tickets from LiveNation and don’t know the validity of the following, but if this is true, I find this alleged approach to ticket sales and how they value (or don’t) their clientele disgusting. Here it is:


“I was purchasing some tickets on LiveNation today. Hidden under the heading "Privacy Information" on the final checkout screen, I noticed a checkbox for declining a "bonus" magazine subscription to Rolling Stone. You must click to opt out.

They  (see update) you an additional $12.95. You have 30 days to request a rebate via snail mail addressed to Rolling Stone Refund.



First, some of the comments say that you aren't charged initially. I declined the offer, so I don't know. Maybe you'd get billed a year later? It's a bit cryptic as the snail mail address is "Rolling Stone Refund". Even without a charge, it's a dirty trick.

Secondly, someone claiming to be from Live Nation PM'd me they would give me a whopping 30% discount on some tickets for deleting this post. I'd prefer they delete the underhanded, opt-out subscription BS on their site. Do you know how many times magazines sell your personal information? That's likely why the promotion is under the "Privacy Information" heading.



I didn't expect this to get so much attention, and I wasn't around for several hours to see the upvotes. Still, the post title is totally accurate.

I think /u/Ca1amity made the clearest, best comment:


No, the subscription isn't Free - That you are not being charged money for it does not equate to free.

LiveNation is making money off of everyone they've tricked into this subscription. LiveNation is selling your billing and shipping information to 3rd parties for consideration. Those same people will sell your information on again at least once more.

Just because some magazine you didn't really want will suddenly arrive at your door without any cash outlay doesn't mean you aren't being used. If the thing was at least somewhat above board it would be in a clear breakout box for you to opt in/out of not hidden down under "privacy information."

And why under Privacy Information? Because they're going to be selling on your personal data and they probably have some duty to inform.



I don't know if it's against TOS to post a PM along with username. It looked like an official LN account of some sort. I have a screengrab, but here is the PM text:



Just to let you know, the Rolling Stone Magazine Promotion Live Nation has going on right now is actually one of the best magazine promotions out there today! You get a full year of a great magazine for an exceptionally low price. I get your complaint about having to opt out of it, but come on, people might not take advantage of it otherwise!

Now, if you were to, let's say, delete that post you made and submit a new post about what a great deal the Rolling Stone Magazine Promotion is, you just might find yourself receiving an online voucher for 30% off your next Live Nation ticket purchase. What would you say to that??!!


I couldn't make up that marketing mumbo-jumbo if I tried. Also, I got another one upping the ante, but it looks more troll like.”



Again, I cannot vouch for the validity of this post, but find it interesting enough to follow when updated and to dig into the comments as well. I am no fan of Rolling Stone and would certainly not want to inadvertently pay for their trash and crap writing because I didn’t read the fine print. I hate opt-out approaches that seem so slimy and sleazy and the worst kind of business practice, if true. Imagine having a product so bad you have to resort to scammig like this to move product. I would shut it down if it were mine.

See For yourself HERE if interested. Realize the comments get NSFW. But your takeaway is realize the large print giveth and the fine print taketh away comes in various forms. Read carefully, be cautious, whether with scalpers or major conglomerates.

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