Recently, a TikTok user going by the name of 'BlueEyedBeardy' has been posting videos alleging that there is volcanic activity happening beneath Alcova Reservoir.

This is not the case.

The man has been asking for money to help "fund" he and his family getting away from the area.

K2 Radio News can confirm that this is a scam.

We reached out to the Natrona County Sheriff's Office, and this is what Kiera Grogan, the Public Information Officer with the NCSO has told us:

"We are aware of video(s) circulating on social media by an individual claiming that there is volcanic activity at Alcova Reservoir resulting in a threat to their safety. The individual is claiming authorities evacuated them from Alcova.

We have not received any reports of active volcanic or thermal activity at Alcova, and we have not dispatched any deputies or members of the dive team as it relates to an emergency of this matter. Deputies have not evacuated anyone from Alcova as a safety precaution. There is no threat to the Alcova community.

Once these videos came to our attention today, deputies immediately checked the area and were unable to verify these claims- They did NOT observe active volcanic or thermal activity threatening the area.

We urge our community to be incredibly cautious when sending money to individuals online, to fundraisers, and/or sending any payment via unsecured methods such as Venmo, Cash App, PayPal, etc.

In addition, you can always contact the dispatch center or our Sheriff’s Office directly at 262-9282 and we are happy to verify information with you."

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