Let's just hope no one was recording that call...

It's safe to say that the last 18 months of our lives have been tough. The pandemic wreaked havoc on us in both big ways and small. It also forced a lot of changes on us in a short amount of time. Again, some of these were big and some of these were small.

For so many, working from home became a thing. I bet all of the people who had been working from home for years were finally vindicated. I mean, many people learned that yes, you can work a "real" job from home and no, it's not always easy.

I will say that this work-from-home situation has brought us... closer.

We've all had to learn on the fly and engage with one another in a whole new way. That can bond you as a team. We also bonded over the silly things that happened on these video calls. Some of those things we'd like to forget, like when Tom from accounting thought he could get away with not wearing real pants. Or when we could hear Susie from HR's husband singing loudly to his favorite song in the background.

Recently a girl on TikTok shared her own video of her chair suddenly collapsing underneath her during a call.


please watch my chair break while on a meeting with my CEO. #funny

♬ original sound - Charkozy

Yep, that one just happened to be recorded.

Now, I thought it would be fun if we also shared some of our funny stories. I ask that we try to keep them clean, but given the "no real pants" situation many of us enjoyed last year, perhaps that's wishful thinking. I hope that now that some time has passed we can all look back at these moments and laugh.

So let's here them below!

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