Axl Rose and Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead are among those featured in a new series of limited-edition Garbage Pail Kids stickers celebrating the summer music festival season.

Rose finds himself being tugged in two directions by cartoon members of Guns N' Roses and AC/DC, the two bands he's been fronting over alternating periods in 2016. Weir, meanwhile, is part of a group of fellow members of the offshoot group Dead and Company who are streaking toward John Mayer in an old steam engine – which you can see here.

They join several other bands in the new Topps series, titled American as Apple Pie: Best of the Fest. Also included are Radiohead, Beck, the Roots, Death Cab for Cutie and others. The stickers are available in pairs for 9.99, and as a set for 49.99 via the web site. Rose's edition is titled "Overworked Axl" and "Gunnin' for Rose," while the Dead-related stickers are called "Bob Weird" and "John Slayer."

Rose just returned to the road with AC/DC, playing their first U.S. date together Aug. 27 at Greensboro, N.C. That came five nights after he wrapped up the last currently scheduled American date of Guns N’ Roses’ well-received reunion tour. He's then set for a month of AC/DC concerts through Sept. 20 before Guns N' Roses regroups for dates in South America and Japan.

Dead and Company, meanwhile, concluded a 24-date run of summer shows on July 30 in Mountain View, Calif., as Mayer joined three of the remaining four surviving members of the Grateful Dead. That tour included a headliner spot at Bonnaroo Music Festival.

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