Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose was one of the many in attendance at Lisa Marie Presley's memorial service over the weekend. The singer spoke a bit about his friendship with Presley, and performed "November Rain" on the piano — which was apparently a request Presley made prior to her death.

Following the service, Rose was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight and was asked how he felt during his speech at the service.

"I didn't really know I was going to speak or anything, and I still feel like I don't know that I deserve to be here. But I wanted to do right by her and her family and the fans. So it meant a lot, I was pretty nervous and emotional up there about it. When I wrote it, I was calm — but not saying it," Rose explained.

The interviewer then mentioned that "November Rain" was one of Presley's favorite songs, in which Rose stated that she actually wanted him to play it at the service.

"Yes, it was my understanding she had actually talked about, if the situation... So that's why I was asked to do it. So of course I had to be here," the singer said.

Watch the interview below.

Rose and Presley have apparently been friends for years, and according to an interview Rose did with People, he sent her jokes, animal videos and other forms of entertainment to try and cheer her up after the death of her son Benjamin Keough in July of 2020.

"Her son's passing was shocking, tragic and devastating. It was something that, at a point, you obviously didn't want to bring up but awkwardly would in an effort to let her know you cared and were thinking about her, about them, and to be of any comfort one could, which she appreciated," Rose recalled.

Axl Rose Entertainment Tonight Interview - Lisa Marie Presley

Axl Rose Speaks + Performs 'November Rain' at Lisa Marie Presley Memorial Service

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