Remember when Alan (Zach Galifianakis) ended up with a baby strapped to his chest during the group's disastrous Las Vegas bachelor party weekend in The Hangover? It turns out the story line has somewhat come to life.

A woman shared the frustrating story of how her fiancé's bachelor party has been derailed by a girlfriend of one of the attendees, who is apparently insisting she not only attend, but bring her baby to the stag party.

On Feb. 4, Mumsnet user @mizanined posted about the situation on the popular online motherhood forum, according to Newsweek. She explained that her future husband's party is set to take place in August. Initially, the men were going to stay at a seaside rental property in the U.K.

But then one of the guest's girlfriends messaged the men and asked them to change the location. Why? Because she wanted them to be closer to her and their 18-month-old child.

"As a group, they're not massively into big nights out, etc. so, in the end, the best men agreed to move it," the fiancée explained.

Despite the kind gesture, however, the girlfriend still thought the new location wasn't good enough. Now, she plans to stay on site in the "annex of the place the boys are staying!"

"It is separate to their cottage but sharing a driveway and possibly even an entrance," the future bride continued. "She has now somehow got herself added to the boys' group chat and is heavily pushing to be involved in events, including asking if their meal on the Saturday can be moved forward so she and baby can come (which would involve moving the one big outdoor activity they have booked)."

The girlfriend is now also requesting that the other girlfriends and wives of the groomsmen be invited, but the bride-to-be said that would "totally change the dynamic" of the bachelor party.

The fiancée shared that her partner is "trying to be nice" by bending to the woman's requests, but "the best men are getting a bit pissed off."

@Mizanined concluded the post by stating she feels "gutted" for her future husband. She's also angry with the girlfriend because the bachelor party is supposed to be a special event for the groom, and she's making it all about her when she probably shouldn't even be involved with it to begin with.

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