It's not the Beatles, but you could totally rename one of these adaptable, future family members Ringo, Paul, John, or George if you decided to open your home this Valentine's Day. Ringo would be a fantastic name for them, no pressure though.

Now through Valentine's Day(February 14th), you can adopt certain dogs for a $14 adoption fee. These special pups are a part of Cheyenne Animal Shelter's Lonely Hearts Club. And if that name doesn't make you want to click on the link here to see the pups, I don't know what will. I didn't just start to tear up, you are.

The barn cats they have available are also adopt one get one. They'll take care of your barn and the critters you don't want in there. Just let them sleep in the warm barn and let them go.

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The 14 dollar adoption fee is a great deal for these awesome future family members. The amount that it costs the Cheyenne Animal Shelter to house and feed these poor babies is much more than the 14 dollar fee.

It would be a great Valentine's Day if the Cheyenne Animal Shelter were able to clear out a lot of these pups. If you remember, they were full about a month ago after their clear the shelter event. So, let's hope that some potential homes open up and take in a new Valentine. Most of the dogs available would make for a great pet, just make sure you read the bio so you know their personalities and if they get along with other dogs and children.

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We love our pups. Long ears, short ears, floppy ears, pointy ears, they are all family here in the meadow.

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