Boy, do I have a bear story to tell you. A new video share shows a cub that decided to destroy the couch on a porch and he isn't even sorry at all. The reason why is hilarious.

First, here's the backstory from the video share about what happened in Snowmass, Colorado with this future apex predator:

A bear yearling had been separated from his family in Snowmass Village Colorado and had forgotten that's it's time to hibernate! He was taking a late fall/early winter break on our porch where he was trying to tuck himself in for a nap. Animal control came by to check him out. They said he was going to be ok and that if he wasn't bothering us to just let him hang out. He ended up staying well past our bedtime but was gone by morning. We had a little clean-up to do, but we were happy to do it. We were hoping he would come back but he didn't, and we hope he's asleep somewhere for the winter.

The cub forgot to sleep? Been there, done that. Oh and this just in. Bear > Couch.

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If you're keeping score at home, that's Bear 1, Couch 0.

It's a credit to this family that they told animal control that the bear was welcome to hang out. Normally, animal control isn't happy whenever bears hang out near people since them being comfortable with humans normally leads to potentially dangerous situations. Imagine this bear coming back once he's grown and thinking it's cool to party with the people.

As it is, it's nature happening on a family's porch in a way only a furniture salesperson could love.

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