I've been gone this past week, but now I'm back, after taking a break, LITERALLY, to my left ankle!

Saturday, July 26th, was the last concert night at Cheyenne Frontier Days.  My husband and I, who were in a hurry to get to our radio booth at Frontier Park, parked the vehicle in a spot where we would be walking in between other trucks and vehicles to get over to the main park area.  Little did I know, there was a deep wheel rut in that dirt parking lot with my name on it!

Not paying attention to where I was going, my foot stepped in this hole, and before I could blink, "wham!" down I went!  Feeling like a bit of an idiot, I tried to get up, but that was not happening, all I could do is lay there, like a flounder flopping around, gasping for air, while my husband tried to figure out what to do with me.

My husband said "let me get around to the other side and try to help you."  Once get got over to my left side, he looked at my ankle, then, startled, looked me with one of those "I've got an exclamation point over my head" looks on his face, and says, "Umm, what say we get you back to the car and make our way to an emergency room.  "Why?" I asked.  That's when he pointed at my ankle, I took a look at it and it looked like a grapefruit was emerging out of both sides of my ankle and over my shoe, which also gave me that "I've got an exclamation point over my head" looks on MY face as well.

Even though I was in incredible pain, I couldn't stop thinking about all the things we needed to do out at the park for that very last concert night, taking winners backstage was one of those duties, and I have to admit, I was pretty disappointed.

After Dr. Ernst and the hard working crew at College Drive Urgent Care patched me up, and slapped me into a cast, they gave me a prescription for some pain medication.  "Oh, I probably won't be needing these, I do really do pain pills." I proudly said, while the staff looked at me like I was crazy.  "Well, you best get this prescription filled, just in case.  They weren't kidding, did I ever need them!  I have to admit, being in almost a comatose state of mind this past week, made me think less about the pain in my ankle, and more about world peace, divine intervention, and how many of the "charms" I could think of, that are in "Lucky Charms Cereal!"

I also had time to think of stories I've heard, of how people missed out on a huge event because of a mishap that had them in the emergency room, including a groom who tripped over a present on his wedding day, just before making his way to the isle.  He ended up down the isle, and out the side door of the church, to be rushed to the hospital, after cracking his knee cap!

Have you ever had an accident or some sort of mishap that had you missing a big event?