Join the Albany County Public Library in their banned book scavenger hunt

The Banned Books Scavenger Hunt will run from September 26 – October 2. Participants can sign up before Sept. 26 to participate and can start anytime between September 26 – October 2.

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To sign up, fill out this form and provide a minimum donation of $20.

Beginning on September 26, participants will be provided with instructions, clues, and a tracking sheet. Clues will lead to a specific location in Laramie.

Find all 12 posters displaying banned books around Laramie. Posters will be visible from the outside of each location through a window

Each banned book will have its title removed. As part of the hunt, you must list the title of the book.

Solve all the clues and return the tracking sheets by October 2 to receive a small participation prize and be entered into a raffle for large prizes.
Winners will be notified, and prizes can be picked up at the Albany County Public Library.

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