If you're brown and gold on Saturdays and orange and blue on Sundays, this will be a tough decision. It's our Battle of the Barrel Men showdown between Wyoming's very own Cowboy Ken Koretos and legendary Denver Broncos fan, the late Tim McKernan.

McKernan, who passed away in 2009, was the first Denver Broncos fan to be inducted into the Visa Hall of Fans at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was a Mile High icon for over 40 years, missing only four home games from 1967 through 2007.

McKernan introduced the legendary barrel in 1977 after betting his brother $10 that he would get on television. That week would be the first of several hundred television appearances McKernan would make over the years.

"Cowboy" Ken Koretos is among the many fans inspired by McKernan. In 1995, Koretos met McKernan and decided to make his own costume. His signature brown and gold barrel has been a fixture at University of Wyoming sporting events ever since.

When he's not cheering on the Pokes, Koretos works at Tyrell-Doyle Chevrolet in Cheyenne. He's gone through several different barrels over the years and still steadfastly refuses to discuss what he may (or may not) being wearing underneath it.

So who wore it better: Broncos Barrel Man Tim McKernan or Wyoming Barrel Man Cowboy Ken Koretos?

Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement
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Mountain West Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinals Wyoming v UNLV
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