Any situation in which you get attacked by a bear is going to be one of the scariest situations in your life, but unfortunately according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife one Colorado woman lost her life due to a bear attack. The details were released over the weekend as a 39-year-old woman was found dead Friday night off U.S. Highway 550 near Trimble, which is North of Durango, Colorado.

The woman was last communicating with her boyfriend in midafternoon and discussed going out for a walk with her two dogs according to the La Plata County Sheriff's Office. The boyfriend eventually made it home around 8:30 p.m. to find her two dogs outside of their residence but the woman was nowhere around. After searching for about one hour the boyfriend discovered her body and called 911. An autopsy is planned in the coming days to determine the official cause of death.

What Colorado Parks and Wildlife Officials Found on the Scene

It was pretty apparent to officials that this was a bear attack with markings on the woman's body as well as bear scat and hair found all over the scene. CPW then brought in a dog team and in the area, a momma bear and two yearlings were found all were euthanized. The bears were removed for human safety.

Tips to Stay Safe from Bears in Colorado

Colorado Parks and Wildlife has tons of information regarding being bear aware to make sure you stay safe click here to see the details. There have been numerous reports statewide of bears being active.

Please remember to be cautious when recreating in the outdoors. It's so much fun, but make sure you're prepared.

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