Modern online dating is weird. You condense your entire being into a few photographs, a witty tagline, and hope someone swipes right. It's immediate judging like the cards in a deck. There's an art to the perfect opening when you match with someone. But the best part of today's dating scene has to be the quick, witty pick-up lines. I've never had any experience in my own life with Tinder, but screenshots found in corners of the internet have lead me to believe it to be a cutthroat place filled with amusing openers and a lot of frustration.

So, I set out in an experiment. I created a fake tinder profile with the tagline "Send me your cheesiest pick-up lines. The more groan-worthy the better." I snagged a photo of a woman on Instagram from overseas, and I made rules. Rule #1: Swipe Right on Everyone. Rule #2: Only respond either to heckle a pick-up line out of someone, or in gif form.

In just three days swiping on Wyoming's Tinder scene, my fake profile received 211 matches and 137 messages. Out of those, about half of them sent me actual cheesy pick-up lines, while another half sent messages like "Hey." I picked a few of my favorite ones, screenshot them and blocked out the name and photo to protect the poor innocent blokes just trying to make it in this weird internet dating world.

My sincerest apologies if any of you find this. Your pick-up lines were good! Well, most of them.

Check out the gallery below, but be warned, some explicit content is present.

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