It seems Fort Collins took a dive from their lofty rank on the list of best college towns. Laramie beats them now at 39th. Fort Collins sits at 57th.

Of the numerous criteria, there are too many ways to dissect all the reasons for this. If you want the break down, it's all here on WalletHub.

Wyomingites are always just happy to see any way The University of Wyoming is better than Colorado State.

Many of these college towns jump around in different positions with WalletHub ranking them in categories every which way but loose. Here, however, find most of the usual annual suspects in the overall 2017 Top 10:

1. Oxford, OH

2. East Lansing, MI

3. West Lafayette, IN

4. Athens, OH

5. Amherst Center, MA

6. Clemson, SC

7. Ann Arbor, MI

8. Newark, DE

9. Charlottesville, VA

10. College Station, TX

Denver's has a more regionally focused lens on the drop for Fort Collins, as well as quite a difference in the ranks for Boulder and Denver.