Summertime in Wyoming can have you craving ice cream. If you want the best ice cream, go to 110 Center St, Jackson, Wyoming. Moo's Gourmet Ice Cream is delicious, homemade and served in up in generous portions.

Oh, while you're there, if you're up for some action fun, the store also sells paintball guns.

Why is their ice cream so good? According to their website:

"We feature only all natural and organic ice creams and sorbets. We strive to keep top quality ingredients and never ever, take short cuts in the ingredients. The ice cream is made with all ORGANIC CREAM, and the sorbets are 99% pure organic fruit with only 1 % cane sugar. Diabetic and dietetic friendly!"

As for the rest of our American states, you can find the BEST ICE CREAM SHOPS from Business Insider.

Who has the best ice cream around Cheyenne?