It is the perfect time of year to be enjoying a tasty cold treat from any establishment in the state that serves ice cream. The recent temperatures are nearly begging for us to take advantage. But it seems that Wyoming isn't exactly indulging on scoop after scoop of the refreshing cold dessert as we are one of the states that eats the least amount of ice cream in the U.S.

According to our friends at Zippia, who did some research using Gravy Analytics, they were able to determine what states eat the most and least ice cream for their size. Of all 50 states, Wyoming eats the third least amount of ice cream of any state. Only Alabama and Minnesota eat less ice cream than we do, with Minnesota finishing last. I've been through Minnesota many times. Given how cold it stays up there for almost nine months out of the year, I get why a cold treat doesn't necessarily appeal to them.

But here? C'mon, what gives, Wyoming? We just had record breaking high temperatures last week for several spots around the state, especially our region and we're not taking advantage by cooling off with some ice cream. Perhaps one of the things being overlooked in this survey is the abundancy of ice cream shops throughout the state. Don't get me wrong, we're certainly grateful for the ones we do have locally, but everyone could always go for some more ice cream!

However, some states definitely are flourishing in the ice cream devouring department. The state that eats the most ice cream is California, followed by Oklahoma, New Jersey, New York, and Florida.

I am not even necessarily one who gets ice cream cravings like one might, but I know for a fact that I've been doing my part in ordering a few chocolate shakes here and there recently. So I feel like I'm doing my part in the ice cream consuming. But apparently as a state, we're lacking. Of course maybe we still have a few warm months that are ripe for some ice cream eating ahead of us. Just be sure to take advantage. After all, July starts next week and it happens to be National Ice Cream Month!

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