Our state most likely scooped this up for National Ice Cream Day.

We recently celebrated one of the most wonderful days of the year, National Ice Cream Day. It always falls on the third Sunday of the year and for us in 2020 that was this past Sunday, July 19. Of course, if you're like me, any day is a good day to celebrate this frozen treat.

So which flavor did you choose?

I don't discriminate when it comes to ice cream, but I do have some favorites. I enjoy chocolate, chocolate with creamy peanut butter, cookie dough, cookies and cream, mint chocolate chip, vanilla with cinnamon... OK, I actually don't have any favorites. Give them ALL to me.

Wyoming seems to have a favorite though and it's vanilla.

This is according to Daily Meal, who collected data from Google searches this summer across our state. And while vanilla isn't the most exciting flavor out there, it does seem to at least be liked by everyone. I don't know anyone who doesn't like vanilla, whether it's classic vanilla bean or French vanilla. It's also the most versatile flavor out there. Douse it in chocolate syrup or slice up some fresh fruit on top, sandwich it between two cookies or cover it in sprinkles. Or do all of the above. No matter how you scoop it, it's delicious.

So what's your favorite flavor of ice cream? Tell us in the comments below. Maybe we can get a more accurate read on our favorite flavor than what the Internet is telling us.

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