Back on March 6th, I posted a simple question:



The most common answer was:




Those that live here, get it. Other shared thoughts include:




the empty spaces


The wide open spaces and no darn people everywhere.!!! The people we have for the most part are wonderful!!!!


Very few people with wide open spaces. I've always said that the perfect place is a 1000 acre ranch with a house right in the middle. 500 acres between me and the fence!


More big game animals than people. The open and free to explore public land.


We don't have to worry about traffic jams, except when animals migrate or in May when Momma animals and their babies try to cross the road...that's our traffic jam and it's fun to watch! The crazy isn't here and it's not full of people everywhere you look. You can drive a couple of minutes outside of any town in Wyoming and you are in the middle of nowhere.


Breathing room.


Wyomingites place great value on nothing. Nothing to trash the view that can from horizon to horizon. Minimal scars on the land. Lots of land. Flat plains, rolling prairies and jagged and majestic mountains. Wyoming is nothing… short of spectacular.


The best thing about Wyoming is nothing, big, wide, wild, untamed and unspoiled, nothing. My unscientific interpretation had a near tie for the wild game and the caliber of people. No bull-shit, straight shooting, tell it like it is, hard working people. People not afraid to work hard and get the job done. It is summed up in the phrase “Cowboy up.” It’s a way of life.


Wyomingites will leave you alone, until you’re in need of help. And then, we’re all over that like Indian Paintbrush on a mountain meadow.


It is What America Was.... Our Cowboy State


It is my home . Not lots of Pollution . Freedom of speech. And it is beautiful


Flesh air wild animals and home on the range


You can think and breath Freedom in Wyoming---It's real and it's Free!


Aside from its vast natural beauty, part of what is so great about Wyoming is what it's not.
It's not a liberal nanny state like California.


We don't have any Bruce Springsteen!


Wyoming has some great musicians. And you can get lost. On purpose as well as by accident LOL. Great place to recharge. And even the snow, wind, and cold weather keeps you safe from most California transplantation...


Elk. Fish. Vedauwoo. And Cowgirls




Cowboys cowgirls wild animals wide open spaces, clear water clear skies not too many people!


Clean air BEAUTIFUL blue Skies deer and antelope in our back Yards great friendly people and my home


What I love most about 'The Park' is it keeps the tourists corralled up so we can still have a little bit of peace and quiet in the unknown parts. All the 6 million tourists need to concentrate their efforts on Jellystone and Cheyenne. Take lots of fotos, spend tons of money and bring a wolf home with you.


The great outdoors, not just Yellowstone, and all the places you can go with no one around.


I love our sunsets and sunrises with no obstructions, just wide open country. I love watching rain clouds off in the distance moving in. but mostly I love our spring, when the prairies come alive with flowers and the grass turns into beautiful green velvet, then seeing the wildlife, babies with their mom's. To me that's heaven, this is my home! Wyoming!


It's the place I call HOME - you can't chose where your born but I surely do stay here on purpose these last 40+ years - Oh yeah & Devils Tower & the Wind River Canyon


National Forest and BLM lands.


There were many common threads in the comments left by those who appreciate how blessed and fortunate we are. But I had to laugh at possibly the best answer to the question, “What’s the best thing about Wyoming?”


It's easy to draw a picture of.


Hahaha, that's for sure! There's a place that sells mirrors that are in the shape of states like Texas, Florida, etc, you could by just a regular square mirror, and boom, you have the state of Wyoming, lol!

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