There is so much to brag about with Wyoming that it seems hard to believe that we are ranked as the 30th best state for working dads. I fully admit that I am biased for this great state, but let’s look at the numbers from an objective WalletHub.


Looking for the best state for dads with children under 18 and needing to work, they crunched the numbers.

Factoring in employment opportunities, economic and social well-being, work-life balance, health rank, childcare costs and other factors,


they ranked Wyoming at a lower than mid-pack, 30.


The Best States
1.    Connecticut
2.    Minnesota
3.    Vermont
4.    Massachusetts
5.    New Jersey

The Worst States
1.    Mississippi
2.    Nevada
3.    West Virginia
4.    New Mexico
5.    Louisiana

If they took into account quality of people, world class fishing and hunting (truly valuable factors), Wyoming would be near the top. Teaching a kid to cowboy up? That should count some too.

But the numbers are what they are. Employment is a concern, but Wyoming is better than a 30 rank, in my humble opinion.

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