Whether it's Sam Club or Costco on a holiday weekend, people need to plan ahead for what they are buying and remember this is not an amusement park, it's a big retail store with crowds. 

We were in Costco in Northern Colorado today and people are being slow and in the way when we are planned ahead and know what we need. First problem is they had all the samples in one place crowding the aisles and everyone was gathering for a free lunch. Another problem was the shoppers for no reason were cuing up when there were open cashiers.

You will be rolling along and a whole family will stop in front of you, asking everyone if we need anything on this aisle. Sure add to the shoppers who by toilet paper, car battery and bananas. You need to have a list and roll through the store and if someone with three kids is all over the aisle you have power to roll the over. Just kidding, but this isn't Cheyenne Frontier Days or The Denver Zoo. BTW Costco has some hidden secrets that you might have never heard about.