It is no secret by any means that I just may be one of the biggest MIAMI DOLPHIN FANS on the planet!Growing up in my household, it was my father yelling and screaming "Go Dolphins"!  Everyone always asks why am I such a big Miami Dolphin fan, well that is why. Figured that was a good place to start off this little story.

It's no secret that being a Dolphin fan the last several years have been rough, and trust me, all you Bronco fans and every other fan of the NFL never let me forget that, thank you for that. Lol! But what I have earned, for my undying loyalty is respect for being a die hard Loyal fan.

Today was free agent day today and ohhhhh boy I couldn't be more happy, I am actually giddy like a kid in a candy store!  The Dolphins did good, real good today, of course that is my personal Miami Dolphin Fan humble opinion.  Picking up a good wide receiver in Mike Wallace from the Steelers and  With LB Dannell Ellerbe Now of course there were other teams doing well too. But for the life of me I just can't recall the exact details right now as I am so happy for my Dolphins.

But I will however leave a link below, for you to go to and get all your free agent info for today's opening round of Free agency. Don't forget I will have all your draft coverage right here at  KING FM for you when that happens so be watching!


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