It seems like the past couple of weeks, we've gotten a glimpse of some work that could be underway on Cheyenne's West Edge. Not only was it announced that there would be work to make the Old Cheyenne Elevator, but some more news has surfaced as West Edge Collective could be moving out with a new venue taking over the space. That space would hold a place for food trucks, a small liquor store, a morning coffee bistro, and a venue at night for nightlife.

The project will be between West Edge Collective and Micro Pop Up Concepts and is pending the approval of the one available retail liquor license that the city has been afforded for 2022.

If all goes well for the group, the location will be renamed "Railspur" which will pay homage to the railroad corridor that the West Edge shares. If you're wondering where West Edge Collective will relocate, you're not alone, but they say they'll find a new location in the West Edge.

Here's the Facebook announcement that West Edge Collective posted last week.

They're looking to have the project finished, for the most part by the end of 2022. If this is something you'd like to support, you can give the project a "virtual high five" so they can help show support for the project. You can see some details here.

This may be the coolest addition to the city I've seen in a while. It really would be a great way to expand the city and help reinvigorate the city's West Edge, even more. Between this project and the Old Cheyenne Elevator project, it's looking like the West Edge could be the place to be. You can find full details on the project here.

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