Break-ups are difficult sometimes. You think something is serious, and then they ghost you. That appears to be the situation with Bigfoot and Wyoming.

In this day and age of Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, you think the odds of getting a picture of such a large creature would be easy. With that in mind, it is evident that bigfoot has left the building. Even more insult to injury, Casper has never had a bigfoot sighting, ever.

Looking at the data from the Bigfoot Feld Resarchshes Organization (BFRO,) the last credible sighting was in 2008. If you look at their data, it appears bigfoot has moved North, and the cryptid no longer calls Wyoming home.

In the Cowboy State, the majority of reports of bigfoot come from Park county, and tied for second and third are Carbon and Teton County. There are a handful of other sightings, but none are from Natrona County.

Montana has had bigfoot reports over the past ten years, and Canada has quite a few more. It appears Wyoming is not in favor anymore, which wasn't always the case.

In 2015, a viral video claimed to have captured bigfoot near Old Faithful, and the National Park Service was not a believer. A spokesman talking to ABC Montana responded that a lot of crazy stuff is reported, and bigfoot is only one of them.

The History channel documented one of the most famous bigfoot sightings in the Wind River Mountains in 1972. John Mionczynski was working for the Forest Service when he encountered a large creature while camping. He could see its large hands investigating his tent. Later he gathered hair samples around the camp and had them tested. The lab was stumped, finding the hairs were primate. This evidence made some believe this was substantial proof of bigfoot.

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