When you're in the woods, do you ever get the feeling that you're being watched? A photographer out on a bird watching adventure had that feeling and he was right when he was visited in his tree stand by a curious bear.

Here's how this nature photographer described his close encounter of the bear kind:

I was out in a treehouse taking pictures of birds and a bear decided to climb up the ladder to me

My concern level went way up when I saw the two bears who had been wrestling suddenly stop because they picked up a scent directly under his tree stand. It's at this point I would have had the bear spray out and ready.

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My guess is that this is just a big cub. While it's likely he was just curious, I've seen too many bear encounters where a cute and cuddly looking bear can suddenly get fierce and you're in deep trouble.

The bigger concern is that if these really are just 2 cubs, there's a mother lurking nearby and if she sees the photographer near her young one, the danger level goes up exponentially.

Credit to the photographer for keeping his cool. While I would have been discouraging the bear from climbing that tree much quicker than he did, at least it ended with no bears or humans harmed.

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