Potato chips are the best selling snack food in the world followed buy tortilla chips and snack crackers.

Here are a couple of questions about the world's most delicious snack food:

Do you know how chips were invented and who the inventor was? Well, here's a history of the salty goodness that's loved worldwide. George Crum, should be celebrated every time you take a hand full of the thinly sliced fried chips and stuff 'em in your face!

George Crum was the son of a Black Man and a Native American mother. Crum was employed as a chef in 1853 when he invented the chip. It was summer time, when a customer ordered some French-fried potatoes. The order was sent back due to the fact the patron thought they were too soft and thick.

Crum was intent on teaching the picky patron a lesson when he sliced some potatoes as thin as possible and fried them 'til they were hard and crunchy. When Crum finished the preparation, he added salt and was astonished the patron was ecstatic and a new snack was born.

It wasn't until years later that Mr. Crum opened his own restaurant, that featured a basket of his signature invention on every table.However, Crum never did attempt to patent his snack food invention. As with everything good, chips were soon to be massed produced, placed in bags and sold. Crum's invention would soon provide jobs in mass on a national scale.

Next time you enjoy your favorite chip, maybe a toast to George Crum as you wash 'em down with your drink of choice.

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