One of the local staple restaurants throughout the Laramie community is back! And from the looks of it, everyone in Laramie is hyped for this spot to be back open. You've probably heard plenty of talk about the national burger chains that we would want in southeast Wyoming, but why get one of those when you can't get one that's even better locally?

There's nothing quite like a great burger at a local burger joint and now, Laramie has one of their legendary establishments back and opened up once again. Mr. Bill's Burgers in Laramie is open once again and based on what people are saying on social media, there's plenty of excitement in the community for the reopening of the burger joint.

Mr. Bills Burgers in Laramie

While Mr. Bill's Burgers is currently promoting not only the fact that they're open, but also their new breakfast hours, they're certainly known for their excellent burgers and you don't have to search much to find a great review about the local Laramie burger spot.

Just type 'Mr. Bill's Burgers Laramie' into a Facebook search and every recent post seems to be raving about not only how good their burgers are, but the portions as well. There's been nothing but great things said about the new management and menu so be sure to make your way to Mr. Bill's Burgers at 1501 S. 3rd Street in Laramie.

Of course, if you've been there in the short time since they have recently reopened, you're already aware of all of this. Every Laramie should know about this crazy good local burger joint. If you've never been there, check out their menu at the link provided here.

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