With 2019 slowly coming to a close, Bret Michaels is looking ahead to 2020. High on his to-do list: recording new music with Poison.

“I don't think an entire album, but at least one song,” Michaels revealed during an interview with Billboard, adding that any new Poison tunes “would be amazing.” “I'd love to do that. It's definitely on the wish list."

These thoughts echo earlier comments made by Michaels, who previously said the “one or two songs, singles route” was the best model for releasing new material. “Go in and play it live, fix a couple things you need to fix if you need to, and let the song come out with its over-the-top great rock feel and release it as a single," he told Loudwire.

Michaels has many big plans for next year, including some heavy touring. "2020 is really the dream," the singer explained. "I'm working real hard right now to put together something incredible with some other bands for next summer." Poison’s last tour took place in 2018, when they hit the road alongside Cheap Trick. Since then, Michaels has stayed busy with solo work. The singer is currently out on his Unbroken Tour, with dates scheduled through the end of the year.

The performances this month will take on extra meaning, with Michaels helping raise money for military veterans and first responders.

"We're making this a great time -- an awesome party for people, great bands on the bill, everything," he said. "And then we encouraged them to donate money to local charities, who we've vetted out to make sure they're legitimate.”


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